Here you will find the archive of all past episodes of the DAD DND Podcast available via PodBean…

EPISODE 001 – In our premiere episode, Dad DM Dan Taylor assembles the DnD Dads Keith Ankeny, Brandon J. Carr, D.J. Coffman, and Manny Vega to begin their characters’ adventures in the Forsaken Empire. A rather uneventful night at The Kicking Ass Tavern is interrupted by a mysterious message delivered in the form of an axe — and the ruffians who want to claim the axe as their own.

EPISODE 002 – In our second episode, Dad DM Dan Taylor dispatches the DnD Dads Keith Ankeny, Brandon J. Carr, D.J. Coffman, and Manny Vega — or, their characters to be more exact — out into the Forsaken Empire to begin their quest to find answers to the mysterious message that seems to be sent by the gods who vanished centuries ago.

EPISODE 003 – In our third episode, player characters of the DnD Dads: Keith Ankeny, Brandon J. Carr, D.J. Coffman, and Manny Vega, have little time to recover from their recent goblin attack at the Collective Order Commune before Dad DM Dan Taylor unleashes yet even more goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears — the Skullsplitter mercenaries. With help from Lebo the Abider, the party manage to escape with two additional tokens of dIvine nature.

EPISODE 004 – In the fourth episode of DAD DND… After escaping the goblinoid Skullsplitter mercenaries attacking the Collective Order compound, Skor, Pedrus, Cam, and Emo make their way along a long tunnel that leads them to a crypt and an ambush — by both living and undead adversaries.

EPISODE 005 – Episode five finds our gallant adventurers faced with the task of crossing a rickity rope and plank bridge across a subterrainian cavernous chasm. Simple, huh? Not quite. Be sure to tune in to find out what happens to Cam, Skor, Pedrus, and Emo.

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