Now with episode titles! “Devils Aggravate” is the sixth episode of DAD DND, and as the title suggests… The adventuring party of Cam, Skor, Pedrus, and Emo have a helluva time when they encounter new diabolical detractors hellbent on deterring their quest for answers in regards to the exodus of the deities of the Forsaken Empire.


Note: Sound-guy Joe is starting to play around with voice effects and after credit soundbites — so don’t leave early.

Welcome to DAD DND! As rewarding as fatherhood may be… The call to explore DUNGEONS and slay DRAGONS must still be answered. A true fantasy league for fathers who just want to play Dungeons & Dragons.

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The first DAD DND supplement for your own Dungeons & Dragons game is now available for purchase at DriveThruRPG.
Armaments of the Immortal is the first supplement of the Legends of the Forsaken Empire series based on the actual play podcast DAD DND. Legends of the Forsaken Empire provides additional information on story elements from the DAD DND podcast that is suitable for use with the “Fifth Edition Role-Playing Game” rules in which exploring Dungeons and slaying Dragons may occur.
Once heralded as the great Triadic Empire, a shroud on uncertainty spread across the land after the Almighty Exodus of the deities left no power to answer their devoted clergy. Under the duress of clashing factions, power-hungry senators, and an increasing air of xenophobia between the Dwarves, Elves, and Humans, the Triadic Empire crumbles and the Shattering War begins.
With no deities to guide the denizens of the land—humans, demihumans, and creatures alike—a new struggle of power grows amid the Forsaken Empire.
The nine armaments contained within this supplement — from the Greatsword of Thaco to the Wrap of Ivorsa — are artifacts of divine creation by the gods of the Forsaken Empire campaign. But, that doesn’t mean they have to be so for use in your own campaign or game. Feel free to change the names to deities associated with your game, or even designate them as wondrous items once belonging to legendary heroes or villains.
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