What’s a “Bonus Cast?” It is a supplemental podcast containing additional material outside of the regular DAD DND podcast. For example… The excerpt below from the first DAD DND Bonus Cast features DM Dad (Dan) and three of the DnD Dads (Brandon, D.J. and Keith) waiting for the fourth (Manny) to join them to begin playing the first adventure of the Forsaken Empire campaign.

DAD DND Bonus Cast (Episode 001) – EXCERPT


The entire DAD DND Bonus Cast (Episode 001) is available to our DAD DND Patreon followers.




So… We’re only one episode into the DAD DND podcast and we’re already asking for money. As Pedrus del Monte might say, “That takes some dragon-sized cajones.” Well, we don’t want to brag, but… they’re not called Orbs of Dragonkind for nuthin’.

From the beginning, the plan was always to make DAD DND more than just a podcast featuring fathers playing Dungeons & Dragons. Sure, we want to provide an engaging and entertaining podcast for our listeners. But, we also want to provide extra content that goes above and beyond mere audio podcasts.

As a patron of the DAD DND podcast not only will you be supporting our efforts to produce an entertaining D&D related podcast and be rewarded with extra content like pre and post show outtake episodes and DAD DND related artwork (three of the players are illustrators after all), but you’ll be able to contribute in deciding the fate of the four fathers’ (not forefathers) player-characters by voting on experience point rewards and various elements of their quest for adventure — such as where they’ll go and who they’ll meet (fight). Patrons will get to cast a vote in polls that will be posted after each episode is released. Also, patrons of sufficient level will also be rewarded supplemental material dedicated to the Forsaken Empire campaign of the DAD DND podcast. These will include downloadable PDFs character sheets, maps, monster write-ups, and more. Plus, since you’ll be supporting DAD DND by being a patron, we’ll show our support for you by including you on the Hall of Heroes patron page on the DAD DND website and follow you on Twitter (if you have a Twitter account) with the @daddndcom Twitter account.

Right now we’re just looking to cover the most basic costs of producing the DAD DND podcast — the domain name, website hosting, and audio file hosting. Something like 22 bucks a month. In the future, we’d like to maybe upgrade equipment, pay for the occasional promotion, keep up to date on D&D products (don’t think we can write those off at this point), and publish supplemental material related to the Forsaken Empire campaign and DAD DND in the form of downloadable PDFs (and maybe someday, actual books). And, maybe down the line some sweet swag — like who doesn’t want a Kicking Ass Tavern t-shirt.

And, did I mention that three of the four dads playing are illustrators — actual artists that make a living with their art? As DM Dad I’m going to do my best to persuade Brandon, D.J., and Manny to provide art for DAD DND — whether for the website, promotion, or supplemental products. I could hold their characters hostage and threaten to do horrible things to them unless they draw pretty pictures. Or, I could offer them some scratch and actually pay them for their work. So, hopefully the more patrons we have the prettier DAD DND will look. (And by prettier, I mean kick-ass looking.)

So, jump on board now as a patron and start voting on which player-characters should be rewarded bonus experience points, and where they might go and who they may encounter next.



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